A Word from the Chairman…

It is my pleasure to take up the role of Chairman for the 2017 Valve World Americas Expo & Conference. As a member of the Steering Committee for a number of years, I am proud to participate in the organization of an event that I believe to be an outstanding platform and a great resource to the valve industry. The Valve World Americas Expo & Conference is an important event for people across a variety of industries including oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, and power generation – among many others – to network, share knowledge and learn something new.

From my professional perspective the Valve World Americas Conference provides an opportunity for people from all sides of the flow control industry to come together to discuss experiences, share insights and work together to resolve common challenges. Sharing knowledge and networking between professionals is essential to gain benefits from the latest news within the industry and to help ignite and inspire interest in the industry.

It is more important than ever to bring together the community of end users, EPCs, consultants and valve manufacturers and distributors to discuss and learn about the latest news regarding fugitive emissions, material selection, new technological developments and so much more. The Valve World Americas Expo & Conference is an excellent arena for this. It provides an overview of the latest advances taking place while maintaining a strong application focus.

As an end user, one of my professional interests is inspiring young engineers to develop expertise in the area of valve technology. What aspects of valve technology have inspired our experts of today early in their careers? From my own experience, I believe this is where seasoned engineers can contribute greatly to improve the awareness of the challenges and inspire others to pursue this vocation to assure our capabilities into the future, so this is definitely one area that I would like to see on the table during the Conference.

What makes the Valve World Americas Conference so valuable is that it is a genuine open platform where everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their own experiences with valves, sealing, control valves, actuators, etc. If you have an idea or a topic that you would like to see discussed, please contact us. Consider presenting your work to your peers. Delivering a paper is not only hugely rewarding, but also a way to initiate discussion and help drive industry forward.

Along with the 2017 Valve World Americas Steering Committee, I look forward to presenting you with an informative yet practical conference program that will challenge you to learn more about the important role that valves play in numerous applications. I am looking forward to a great conference ahead and I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as your Chairman.

See you at Valve World Americas Expo & Conference 2017 in Houston!

Sincerely yours,

Bill Patrick

Piping Global Improvement Leader – Engineering Solutions
The Dow Chemical Company

2017 Valve World Americas Conference Steering Committee

Gilbert Alonzo, BP, USA
Glen Beal, Jacobs Engineering, USA
Ray Bojarczuk, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering, USA
Amaro Bustamante, Aramco Services, USA
Steve Butler, Shell, USA
Chris Buxton, Emerson Automation Solutions, USA
Ralph Chaney, MRC Global, USA
Salvatore Cimorelli, DuPont Engineering, USA
Brian Claverie, DistributionNOW, USA
Chris Conrad, Chevron Energy Company, USA
Carlos Davila, Crane ChemPharma, USA
Chris Day, Teadit, USA
Brindesh Dhruva, Bray International Inc., USA
Claire Dwyer, Fluor Enterprise Inc., USA
Dianne Eldridge, Emerson Automation Solutions, USA
Tony Foster, Emerson Automation Solutions, USA
John Gill, Covestro LLC, USA
John Giordano, Bray International Inc., USA
Todd Harrison, Metso, USA
Rajan Hingoraney, Intervalve Inc., USA
Henk Hinssen, iHandl Engineering, Belgium

Greg Johnson, United Valve, USA
Gobind Khiani, Fluor, Canada - Vice Chair
Aaron Mach, South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company, USA
Juan J. Malave, EPC Capital Projects Consultant, USA
Ron Merrick, Fluor Enterprises Inc., USA
Tom Mitchell, Messe Dusseldorf North America, USA
Nitin Parekh, Chevron Energy Company, USA
Bronson Pate, A.W, Chesterton, USA
Greg Peterson, MRC Global, USA
Charles R. Pogue, Velan Valve Inc., USA
Kerry Pritchard-Millen, Jacobs/SPED, USA
John Ramirez, De Nora Water Technologies, USA
Kyle Rayhill, Metso, USA
Rodney Roth, A.W. Chesterton, USA
Richard Santucci, Emerson Automation Solutions, USA
Aneta Stephens, Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions, Canada
Tom Stovall, Emerson Automation Solutions, USA
Rebecca Tadesse, Aramco Services, USA
Steve Thomas, Bonney Forge, USA
Jose Carlos Veiga, TEADIT, USA
Brad Wise, DistributionNOW, USA


Meeting Point for the Valve Community

Valve World Americas Expo & Conference 2017 looks forward to welcoming thousands of attendees to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. Attendees will get a broad overview of the latest technologies, components and systems in the field of industrial flow control presented by over 250 exhibitors from the United States, Asia, Canada, Europe, India, Mexico, etc. The Valve World Americas Expo & Conference 2017 will once again serve as the meeting point for the flow control industry, showcasing the growth in interest by exhibitors and attendees who will experience the technologically in-depth conference program, product showcases on the expo floor, and incredible networking opportunities.


Exhibit to the American market

Valve World Americas Expo 2017 will bring the world’s leading valve companies and the end-users from the process industry together.

Manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators and distributors will showcase their latest products and forge business relationships for the years ahead. More than 250 globally located companies will be presenting their newest products and latest services. Experienced technical and sales staff will be on hand from exhibitors to answer your questions, provide information and to showcase their company, products and services. The main focus of the exhibition will be on the large and important valve markets of North and South America.

The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the Valve World Americas Conference 2017. This combination will bring the best of the most important areas (valve companies, EPCs and end-users) together to strengthen relationships, meet existing and new customers, and exchange ideas and opinions face-to-face. Whether you are a long-time participant, or are considering attending for the first time, you will encounter a high level of expertise and networking opportunities all wrapped up in an informal, friendly, and social atmosphere aimed at exchanging useful information.

The 2017 event will return to Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center to welcome end users, consultants, distributors, manufacturers and suppliers to network, share experiences and discover new products and innovations in the flow control industry.

High Quality Conference Program

The Valve World Americas event will cover a variety of valve and valve-related topics that are essential to today’s valve market. There will be plenary presentations on a number of hot themes in the valve industry, including the future of shale gas and the outlook on the energy industry. For attendees looking to attain professional development hours, conference delegates will be awarded certificates of completion for participation. Certificates will be available for pick up during the event Closing Ceremony.

Informative workshops will cover topics such as:

  • Valve technology for cryogenic applications
  • Valve Design
  • Valve testing for emissions
  • Materials specification & Casting
  • Supply Chain
  • Valve Asset Management
  • Performance and validation
  • Valve Assemblies Reliability Prediction
  • Maintenance & Repair