Monday, June 19, 2017 – 1:00PM - 4:00PM – George R Brown Convention Center – Houston, TX, USA

Cost: $250 USD

Social Media is a growing interest in the B2B and B2C business world, however its purpose, value, and use remains a mystery to many. In this course we will walk you through the four primary steps designed to give you insight into the role it plays in marketing programs today, and to get you up and running, both professionally and personally for social media in B2B. Social Media experts from Empowering Brands will also be on hand during the entire show to provide one-on-one instruction on your specific needs.

  • Crash Course on Social Media Platforms
  • Dos & Don’ts of Social Media Usage
  • Developing Social Media For Business
  • Business Level Social Media: B2B/B2C


Presenters: Charli Matthews/ Ian Baynes

Charli K. Matthews, the Founder & President of Empowering Pumps, LLC., has worked with the pump industry since 2005 and is a known leader for building brands, growing online networks, and helping industrial companies embrace digital media. Her passion and deep understanding of how to leverage social media platforms has enabled Empowering Pumps™ and Empowering Valves™ to become the leading online networks for the pump and valves industries.

Contact Charli:  Email – LinkedIn – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

Ian Baynes has a career spanning more than 25 years in global business development and strategic marketing, spanning both the automotive and industrial worlds, Ian has managed businesses and services in both emerging and large-established markets in Europe, North America, and Asia. Ian brings a wealth of knowledge relating to the valve industry and the challenges it faces with the growing regulations relating to environmental compliance as well as an excellent knowledge of what it takes for a company to market in this tough environment, especially with the need to switch from a traditional program to one with more contemporary Digital Media related activities.