Valve World Conference 2025

Be part of Valve World Americas Conference & Expo on June 4-5, 2024 at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. Featuring an exhibition and a technical conference, the event will be of real value and interest to all, including manufacturers, fabricators, service providers, EPCs, and end users.

We invite presentations to be made on a wide variety of topics related to valves, actuators and flow control equipment use, maintenance, repair and design. Interested in participating? Send us your idea for a technical presentation or discussion-based workshop now!

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

  • 250 to 500 words
  • Include a relevant title
  • Outline presentation topic, scope of discussion & relevant keywords
  • Must be technical in nature; commercial content will not be accepted

Potential Abstract Topics:

  • Fugitive Emissions and sealing technologies
  • Supply chain and procurement
  • Energy transition and hydrogen
  • Valve maintenance
  • Design & specification
  • Corrosion & materials
  • IOGP
  • New technologies