The 2021 Chairman’s Message

Dan DeVine

I am honored and excited to be the Chairman of Valve World Americas Expo & Conference 2021, and look forward to another fantastic event where attendees can enjoy the networking, camaraderie, and outstanding technical presentations that accompany Valve World. This is a wonderful event for the valve industry, showcasing new inventions, practical solutions, productivity enhancements, and potential cost savings opportunities.

The first time I attended the Valve World Americas event was in 2013. I was introduced to the complexity of this technology through regulatory compliance for Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) of fugitive emissions. Getting involved and participating in these conferences has been a very rewarding experience.

Witnessing the transformation of packing products and changing stem sealing performance, seeing the creation of new testing standards, along with other improvements, which were often at the forefront of discussions in previous years at Valve World, are some of my favorite career highlights.

Certainly, there are other equally important aspects too: seat sealing capabilities, operability, long term reliability and integrity, availability of cost-effective valves to meet a variety of pressure- temperature conditions, to name a few, that are vital to successful production. I cannot think of a better place to learn for the first time or to continue increasing your technical depth than Valve World. Either through attending a multitude of technical presentations, or meeting with the valve and packing manufacturers, or companies that provide supply chain, automation, repair and reconditioning, drill and tap services, and various other vendors.

This event has something to offer to everyone, no matter what industry you work in, including utilities, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, commodity and specialty chemicals, and agriculture. I am confident that all attendees will discover areas of improvement and learn about new innovations that are beneficial.

Whether it is savings on valve costs, improving delivery times, proper valve maintenance, or partnering with other manufacturers and end users, I think you will find your attendance will be time well spent, personally satisfying, and can bring profitability to your company or business. I look forward to seeing everyone there.


Dan DeVine

Valve Technology Engineer
Corteva AgriScience through Midland Engineering, Ltd.