Essentials Course

The Stainless Steel World Academy presents THE STAINLESS STEEL ESSENTIALS COURSE, developed to introduce and guide newcomers and/or even those wishing to re fresh ‘old’ knowledge, through today’s stainless steel industry.

For those whose background is not metallurgical but who are moving into a position which stainless steel will be the focus this course will provide a better understanding of metallurgical topics and by learning of daily stainless business jargon participants should gain a better understanding of and more enjoyment from their work.

Topics covered will include: how and why stainless steels were discovered, what makes them ‘stainless’, in what applications are they used and why , what are their properties, how are they made and produced, why do stainless steels differ in composition and finishing, and how are they corroded.

Details regarding our Stainless Steel World Essentials Course 2021 will be available in September 2021

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