Advance Conference Program

DAY ONE: Wednesday, June 7th, 2023.

10:00 AM

10:30 AM

11:00 AM

Keynote 1

Keynote 2

Keynote 3

Chairman’s Welcome – Trace Scrivner, ExxonMobil

EPA Update & Environmental Technological Advancements – Bronson Pate, MagDrive Technologies

Optimizing the Global PVF Supply Chain for a Sustainable Future – Jack McCarthy, MRC Global

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Panel Discussion – IOGP Update
Session Chair: Tony Smart, Neway

The IOGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers) has among its members some of the major oil companies in the world. All of these companies had internal requirements to be used in conjunction with design standards when purchasing industrial valves. The goal of IOGP is to harmonize end user requirements to reduce cost overrun due to over specification by individual projects and engineering. In this panel, two of these new documents will be explored: SPECIFICATION S-562, Supplementary Requirements to API Spec 6D – Ball Valves & SPECIFICATION S-611, Supplementary Requirements to API 600 Steel Gate Valves and to API 603 CRA Gate Valves. Update on IOGP – follow up from last panel discussion.


• Trace Scrivner, ExxonMobil
•Wojciech Zmudzinski, BP
•Greg Peterson, MRC Global
•Carlo De Bernardi, ConocoPhillips
•Crystal Mire, Chevron

•Ayman Cheta, Shell
•Gobind Khiani, Enbridge
•Haitham ElSeddik, Chevron
•Luke Chou, ValveHax

1:30 PM — 3:30 PM

Panel Discussion – Valve Design & Specification — The Good, Bad & Ugly of API, ISO, ASME, MSS, TA-LUFT & End User Specs, etc.
Session Chairs: Charlie Metrailer & Glen Beal, MRC Global

Panelists will provide an overview and discuss experiences working with different design standards, certifications & specifications. Audience members will be provided with the opportunity to ask questions and participate in this panel discussion that will cover the good, the bad & the ugly of API, ISO, ASME, MSS and more!


• Trace Scrivner, ExxonMobil
•Wojciech Zmudzinski, BP
•Ron Merrick, Consultant (formerly Fluor)
•Paul Heald, Bonney Forge
•Michael Walley, LyondellBasell

•Matt DeLong, IHI Energy Solutions
•Greg Johnson, United Valve
•Tony Lambert, VanAire
•Barry Hoeffner, Ladish Valves
Mark Ruffin, Teadit

3:30 PM– 5:00 PM

Panel Discussion – Supply Chain, Procurement & AML Optimization
Session Chair: Luke Chou, ValveHax

This thought-provoking panel discussion will bring together industry experts to examine the current procurement, logistics, and AML challenges in a “post-pandemic” world. With developing geopolitical risks, shifting customer preferences, and complex global logistics challenges, this discussion will offer a deep dive into the pressing issues facing the valve manufacturing industry. Panelists will explore the changes in procurement and AML management strategies that attempt to address these factors, and delve into what these shifts could mean for the future of the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and expertise from some of the most knowledgeable voices in the field.


• Trace Scrivner, ExxonMobil
•Chris Conrad, Chevron
•Claire Dwyer, Fluor
•Bill Patrick, Dow Chemical
•Mitch Anderson, Bray International

•Greg Peterson, MRC Global
•Sam Davis, RFS Compliance Solutions
•Gobind Khiani, Enbridge
• Nelson Bello, Aderca
• Kyle Copeland

DAY TWO: Thursday, June 8th, 2023.

10:00 AM

10:30 AM

11:00 AM

Keynote 4

Keynote 5

Keynote 6

Creating the Next Generation of Career Engineers and Subject Matter Experts – Dan DeVine, Corteva Agriscience/Midland Engineering

Entrepreneurs of the Valve and Actuator Industry – Craig Brown, Bray International

Modernizing Research & Development for the Future – Carlos Girão, Teadit

11:30 PM – 1:00 PM

Valve Safety
Session Chair: Foster Voelker II, Williams Valve

Have you ever tried to paddle upstream? You learn very quickly that maintaining a consistent paddle rate is imperative and any reduction in effort
results in slower progress or, in the worst case, a complete loss of the ground gained. Process safety works the same way – if a company does not train and enforce safety procedures frequently, complacency sets in and bad habits return. Valves, for example, need proper understanding, from the people selecting them to the people being sent to work with them.

  • Block and Check Valves in Process Safety: Addressing the Mechanical Integrity Element of Process Safety — Dan DeVine, Corteva/Midland Engineering
  • Considerations in the specification of Fuel Gas Safety Shutoff Valves — Jay Hunt, Valmet Flow Control
  • Failsafe Function of Electric Motor Operated Valves (or What to Do When the Power Goes Out) Dean Geraci, ProMation
  • How Mounting Kit Designs Impact Valve Safety and Reliability – Tony Lambert, VanAire
Control Valves
Session Chair: Greg Peterson, MRC Global

As operators in the oil & gas industry, it is vitally important to optimize the performance of control valves to maximize efficiency and profitability while maintaining safety and reliability. Usually, during a turnaround or maintenance, control valves need to be replaced or upgraded to maximize efficiency and profitability. In the past century, there have been many technological advancements in medical science, artificial intelligence, autonomous flying vehicles, and more.

  • Control Valve Technologies in Thermoplastics — Shane McDaniel, Asahi/America
  • Managing Noise in Control Valve Applications — Fred Porth, Valmet
  • Pressure Balanced Coaxial Valves – Ralf Hinz, co-ax Valves
  • Using Computational Fluid Dynamics for RealWorld Control Valve Design — Justin Bernard, Bray International
Industry Trends
Session Chair: Tim Goedeker, TRICORD Consulting

This session will feature presentations on a variety of hot trends impacting the flow control industry such as hydrogen, supply chain decarbonization, carbon capture & transport, and more.

  • The Valve ‘Climate’ in the Next Decade (2030s) — Tim Goedeker, TRICORD Consulting
  • ESG Reconciliation Utilizing Engineered Gear Operators — Tim Chicoine, Wedgerock Engineered Solutions & Gobind Khiani, Enbridge
  • Proposed Changes to EPA Regulation 40 CFR 60 in Regard to Pneumatic Controllers— Tim Chicoine, Wedgerock Engineered Solutions & Gobind Khiani, Enbridge
  • Path to Net Zero: Emissions Reduction and Delivering Sustainable Operations through Collaboration — Dave Anderson, Score Group
  • Digitalization Trends for Field On-Off Mechanical Assets in the Process Industry —Riyaz Ali & Girish Dalbhanjan, Emerson Automation Solutions

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Fugitive Emissions
Monitoring & Sealing Technologies
Session Chair: Bronson Pate, MagDrive Technologies

Keeping track of fugitive emissions in a plant with thousands of components to be monitored is a daunting task. The team leading the effort has to coordinate tasks within several departments and also keep a constant tab on upcoming legislation. Join this workshop to learn the latest technologies in monitoring and testing of valves to achieve success in your program.

  • Influence of PTFE Coating Content in High Temperature Application of Fugitive Emissions Graphite Packings — Carlos D. Girão, João H. Pontes, Teadit
  • Sustainable Polymer Based Sealing Solutions inthe New Circular Economy and the Special Case of Fluoropol-ymers and PFAS Restrictions — Tim Bremner, Advanced Sealing Technologies (A Michelin High Tech Company)
  • Do Valves Really Contribute 60% of RefineryEmissions Today? Current Status and Improvement Potential in Industrial Valve Fugitive Emissions — David Bayreuther, Valmet Flow Control
  • Zero Emission Valve Automation for Gas Pipelines — Howard Williams & Shahrum Iqbal, Bray International
  • Reduction of Fugitive Emissions – Valve Testing According to ISO 15848-1 — Simon Weiler, Amtec
Valve Maintenance & Repair
Total Cost of Ownership
Session Chair: Gilbert Alonzo, Consultant

A typical industrial plant has thousands of valves; each one of them prone to disrupt production in case of failure. Total cost of ownership relates to the direct and indirect costs for valves. This includes factors like purchase price, repair costs, replacement costs, and costs of downtime for repairs and maintenance.

  • Business Benefits of Valve Condition Monitoring— Dave Anderson, Score Group
  • The Valve Trifecta – Highest Quality, Best Delivery and Lowest Price. Is it Achievable? — Charlie Metrailer, Matt Hartfiel & Tom King, MRC Global
  • Three Pillars of Compliance — Rodney Roth, RFS Compliance Solutions
  • Quality in the Valve Industry – Going Above & Beyond — Mitch Anderson, Bray International

1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Hydrogen Valves
Session Chair: Ed Edgar, SLB

Hydrogen is expected to play a significant part in the low-carbon future that lays ahead. When interacting with the production and handling of any fluid, valves are not only necessary but critical to successful operations. A valve design in a hydrogen application requires two types of materials; metallic materials when dealing with high pressure and cryogenic temperatures, and non-metallic materials for overall static and dynamic sealing and seating.

  • Hydrogen Challenges for Valves — Matthew Doherty, SLB
  • The Hydrogen Economy and the Role of the Valve Industry — Will Powers, Bray International
  • MSS Standard for Valves in Hydrogen Service — Greg Johnson, United Valve
  • Keeping up with Hydrogen – a Vision on Testing — Emiel Lechevallier, Ventil
  • The Study of Expanded Graphite Material in Low-E Usage Conditions in High temperature and Cryogenic Services, Specifically Severe Hydrogen Applications — Yuta Sato, Nippon Pillar Packing Corporation
  • Criticality in Hydrogen Valves – Gobind Khiani, Enbridge

2:30 PM

Emerging Technologies: Valves & Packing
Session Chair: Brindesh Dhruva, Bray International

This workshop will showcase presentations on a number of emerging technologies impacting the flow control business with a focus on new valve, packing, sealing and actuation technology.

  • Data Driven Predictive Health Monitoring of Valves and Actuators — Oscar Jimenez & Jack Booker, Bray International
  • Issues Faced by Plants When Going from Base Loaded to Quick Cycling — Daniel Freebern, Advanced Valve Solutions
  • Valves for Molten Salt Applications — Shridhar Patil,
    Flowserve India Controls Pvt. Ltd.
  • A New Globe Valve Actuator Based on Shape Memory Alloy — Dean Pick, President & CEO, Kinitics Automation Limited
  • Valve Knowledge for Piping Designers — Dr. William Beazley, Treasurer & Retired Executive Director – Society of Piping Engineers and Designers (SPED)l
Emerging Technologies: Digital Transformation & New Tech
Session Chair: Luke Chou, ValveHax

Join this session to explore how AI, IIoT, and additive manufacturing will disrupt the valve industry. Leading experts will delve into new technologies impacting design optimization, asset monitoring, and production revolution.

  • Additive Manufacturing of Valves — Carlo De Bernardi, ConocoPhillips, Roberto Bolzonella, Petrolvalves & Slade Gardner, Big Metal Additive
  • How AI is Going to Change the Industry — Luke Chou, ValveHax
  • The Journey Towards Wellhead Autonomation — Hossam Gharib, StreamFlo
  • Reducing Operational Costs in Valve Manufacturing and Distribution through Artificial Intelligence-based Bill of Materials Sourcing and Response — Marty Dytrych, Industrial Data Labs
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing – Recent Advances, Proof of Concept, and Industry Hurdles — Daniel McConnell & Michael Kitchens, Bray International

3:30 PM

Emerging Technologies: Low Emissions
Session Chair: David Yakos, MagDrive Technologies

This workshop will showcase presentations on the latest in low emission technology.

  • Magnetic Solutions for Lower Emissions — David Yakos, MagDrive Technologies
  • EZ Pack Extreme – Low-E Injectable – Bronson Pate, Teadit
  • LiveSeal Fitting – Low-E Injectable Port — Rodney Roth, RFS Compliance Solutions